At a time when technological advancements are rapidly redefining the landscape of the media industry, the recent Axle AI webinar had hundreds of attendees and many engaged questions. The event, at the end of November, offered participants a deep dive into the transformative power of Axle AI and our role in reshaping how we approach media content creation and management.

Revolutionary Features Explored:

The webinar started with a discussion of the current state of AI for media, followed by an overview of Axle AI’s revolutionary features from speakers VP of Product Management Patrice Gouttebel and CEO Sam Bogoch. We covered a range of topics including AI-powered tagging, search, multi-language transcription, and Connectr. We covered the platform’s ability to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and unlock new possibilities for content creation and repurposing, as well as some broader context around AI applications in the media industry.

Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the practical applications of AI in media, particularly in terms of content optimization for various platforms, including social media. The webinar highlighted the importance of staying ahead in the digital age, where efficiency and innovation are key drivers of success.

One of the highlights of the Axle AI webinar was the interactive nature of the sessions. Attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, asking questions and participating. This allowed for a more personalized and insightful experience, making the webinar not just a presentation but a collaborative learning environment.

For those who missed the live sessions or wish to revisit the content, the recording of the Axle AI webinar is now available on YouTube. Check it out!

The Axle AI webinar on AI in Media was a resounding success, offering a glimpse into the future of media technology. The insights shared by the speakers, coupled with the interactive Q&A sessions, made for a valuable and engaging experience. As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of media, Axle AI stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering content creators and managers with the tools they need to thrive in a digital age.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
03:40 All video will be searchable
05:15 Sir Lancelot action sequence
06:25 Customer profiles
07:35 Layered, open architecture
08:45 Edge computing and edge servers
11:45 Axle AI panel for Adobe Premiere Pro
15:55 Axle Tags – AI training interface
25:00 Axle AI MAM – Cataloging your storage
26:00 Axle AI MAM – Media player
27:15 Axle AI MAM – Timeline AI metadata
28:15 Axle AI MAM – Creating subclass
28:50 Axle Connectr workflow automation
30:50 Triggering a workflow from the MAM
32:15 Examples of automated workflows
34:40 Axle AI MAM – Finding your media
35:30 Advanced metadata search options
38:40 Axle AI MAM – Searching for media
39:50 Smart filters – Saving your searches
43:20 Sharing media for review
45:00 Axledit browser rough-cut editor
46:00 Linking Axle AI MAM and Axledit