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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Our software is for anyone who works with large amounts of media files.  Axle AI Cloud is generally recommended for teams with between 1 and 50 terabytes of media, and Axle AI Platform on premise is recommended for teams with 50 to 5,000.terabytes (5 petabytes) of on premise storage.  In additional, private white-label versions of Axle AI Cloud, Axledit and Axle AI Tags software are available for larger cloud deployments.

What does Axle AI do?

It catalogs all your media, makes H.264 proxy files of the video and previews of audio and image files (including PDFs), and presents them in a radically simple browser front end.  Axle AI includes AI engines for scene understanding, face recognition, logo and object recognition, OCR and speech transcription so that all your media files become easily searchable.

How does Axle AI compare to traditional MAMs?

Axle AI is much more affordable, and doesn’t try to run your entire workflow and file organization like traditional MAMs. Instead, it’s a lightweight engine that scans, analyzes, presents and makes things searchable without getting in your way.  Both licensing, deployment and ongoing support costs are much lower than for traditional MAMs, and our technology is evolving much faster.

What does Axle AI Connectr do?

Axle AI Connectr is a drag-and-drop workflow automation tool that runs on Mac, Windows or Linux servers (including cloud VM deployments) and can automate processes that involve either our applications, third party applications, command line, watchfolder or API-driven integrations.  It supports a wide range of applications including transcoders, spreadsheets, email, MD5 checksums and other general functionality.

Does Axle AI use its own AI engines?

Yes, all our state-of-the-art AI Tags capabilities are designed and continually updated by our team and can be run on premise, in your private cloud or server farm, or in the public cloud. No matter where you choose to run them, Axle AI Tags engines don’t share your data with us, nor with other companies running our software.

What kind of servers does Axle AI use?

Our software runs on Intel / NVidia hardware, and the Axle AI MAM portion can also be run on Apple Mac M1, M2 and M3 hardware.  We require at least 16 CPU cores, 32 Gbytes of RAM and for the NVidia GPU, at least 16 Gbytes of VRAM.  These capabilities can be located on premise, at a colocation facility or in the public cloud (AWS or third-party).

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    axle ai easy to use MAM in your browser, supporting cloud and on-premise storage. Edit media collaboratively & search your storage with AI

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    axle ai easy to use MAM in your browser, supporting cloud and on-premise storage. Edit media collaboratively & search your storage with AI

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