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We make media management radically simple. Our software connects with the storage you already own, using your existing folder setup. It doesn’t force you to check in files to special locations, or upload them to the cloud. And you access it from any web browser, smartphone, or tablet. Hundreds of creative teams worldwide are already using axle.

Find Media Fast

Recreate your media storage folder structure in a browser-based interface. Find files across your media library with a fast, precise search.

AI Powered

Automatically tag your media based on scenes, locations, and events. Provide searchable transcripts of audio; recognize faces or logos; and more.

Radically Simple

Installs right away, and works with almost any type of storage and folder structure. There's no need to move your files or upload them to the cloud.

Archiving Integration

With advanced archiving integration, users can find and view files that have been archived to tape, disk, or the cloud, and quickly restore them for use in new projects. Proxies, metadata, and archiving information remain available in axle, making it simple to find the correct file.

Export to Editor

While viewing proxies or browsing folders, axle ai allows you to make selections from your media and save them as subclips. When you're ready, export your subclips directly into Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Apple Final Cut Pro X with all marking and comments in place.

Review and Approval

axle ai includes powerful collaboration tools that allow you share, comment on, and mark the status of media at every stage in the process. axle can automatically send emails to the team when new comments or approvals have been added.

Over 600 customers


Bleacher Report uses axle ai and AWS Elemental transcoder.

Youngevity uses axle ai and Backblaze B2 archive storage.

Kenny Chesney uses axle ai and G-Technology storage.

Independent filmmaker Meg Hanley uses axle ai with QNAP and IBM storage.

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