Axle AI Tags: Powerful AI tools for video

Unlock the full potential of your media files with the revolutionary capabilities of on-premises AI-powered search. At Axle, we specialize in developing radically simple browser-based software that empowers content creators to remotely search, manage, and repurpose their media. With our cutting-edge AI technology, you can enhance your post-production workflow and take control of your media archive within your own premises like never before!

Introducing Axle Tags: Simplify Your Media Management

Experience the future of media management with Axle Tags, our AI-powered solution that streamlines the organization and retrieval of your media files. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Axle Tags enables you to effortlessly tag, search, and organize your media

From faces and objects to speech and metadata, our advanced algorithms analyze your audio and video content to extract rich data and deliver unmatched accuracy.

Unleash the Power of AI for Video: Metadata Schema

Use Axle AI For Video Face Recognition

Face Recognition: Find Who You’re Looking For

Object Recognition: Spot, Tag, and Organize

Our AI-driven object recognition feature effortlessly identifies and tags specific objects within your videos or images. By analyzing visual patterns, colors, shapes, and textures, Axle AI swiftly recognizes and categorizes objects like cars, animals, and wearable items. Seamlessly organize your media files with precision and efficiency.

Use Axle AI For Video Object Recognition to Spot, Tag, and Organize
Use Axle AI For Video Logo Recognition and Maximize Brand Consistency

Logo Recognition: Maximize Brand Consistency

Axle AI’s logo recognition sets us apart from the competition by automating the detection and tagging of logos within your media files. This powerful tool simplifies the search and retrieval of specific branded content, ensuring brand consistency and optimizing the value of your media. Stay in control of your brand’s presence across all media types with Axle AI’s logo recognition feature.

Axle Speech: Transcribe and Search with Ease

Our Speech-to-Text tool revolutionizes the way you interact with your media files. Automatically transcribe speech within your content, making it effortless to search for files based on specific words or phrases. Export transcriptions in various file formats, including .txt and .srt, facilitating integration with closed captioning systems. With Axle Speech’s on-premise solution, we regularly add new languages to our comprehensive database.

Use Axle AI to Transcribe and Search Videos with Ease

Seamless On-Prem Media Management: Elevate Your Workflow Without Changing Your Storage

Axle AI presents the perfect solution for those seeking an on-premises media management system that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. What sets Axle AI apart is its remarkable ability to adapt to your workflow without requiring any changes to your current file storage practices. Unlike other solutions, which might demand an overhaul of your storage setup, Axle AI empowers you to harness the benefits of AI-powered media management while maintaining the familiarity and efficiency of your established storage methods. Experience the future of media asset management without the hassle of reorganization, Axle AI’s on-premises solution works harmoniously with your current setup.

Use Axle AI to Empower Your Video Workflow

Experience the Power of AI for Your Video Workflow

Axle AI seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence into your media management capabilities. Our expert team will guide you in exploring the limitless possibilities of AI and determine the best options for your specific use case.

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