MAM, Video AI And Cloud Video Editing For Any Industry

No matter what kind of video you produce, editing in the cloud makes everything easier. Whether you work in news, sports, social media, education, branded content, or any other industry, the browser-based video editor on axledit makes editing a breeze.

Read the specifics below for each industry, and sign up for free to see how fast post-production can be.


News and Sports

Our Axle AI 2023 media management software is in use by broadcasters and sports teams worldwide. There’s no better way to manage, tag and search your content, without changing your folder structures or file formats.

If you’re near breaking news or in a stadium, but your coworkers are miles away, Axledit lets you edit your segment in the cloud while your team adds B-roll and graphics.

In the race to publish as fast as possible, getting immediate feedback and approval is key, and there’s nothing faster than reviewing while you edit.

Social Media Creators

For videos that need a quick edit and a short review process, Axledit is the perfect platform. We’ve built Axledit’s video editor to be fast, simple, and easy to use.

Edit your video in a web browser, drop in graphics and music, get feedback from your team, and publish it. Once published, you can monitor the performance and watch your audience grow.

For brands and agencies, Axle AI 2023 provides powerful auto-tagging, searchability and the ability to offer selective views to individual team members – without the overhead of a traditional MAM.


Houses of Worship

If you’re like most houses of worship, you’re doing a lot more with video these days. Axle AI, Axledit and Connectr give you a powerful toolset for managing and automating your video workflows, getting a wider team involved and publishing to social media.

Our house of worship customers include Elevation Church, The Father’s House, Family Life Radio, Kensington Church, First Baptist Dallas, and It Is Written. Many use a combination of our MAM and integrated AI-based transcription service to make their media rapidly searchable. 


Content is a booming part of the education business. As schools and universities capture thousands of hours of lecture content and marketing materials, Axle AI 2023 is an ideal platform for managing all that content.

Meanwhile, the Axledit platform is a great way to learn valuable editing skills that will make students more versatile as they enter the job market.

With no software to download and install, an easy way for teachers to review projects, and free accounts with everything a student needs, Axledit is the perfect way to hone video editing skills using just a web browser.

Craft Editing and Branded Content

With all of the footage on Axledit’s cloud platform, everyone can comment, log, approve, and tag from anywhere. Producers can create line cuts of interviews in their web browser, and editors can get their rough cuts approved much faster.

If editors want to use other programs to finish their cut, they can export an XML or EDL of their sequence. With Axledit as the starting point, the editing process can get a huge head start and save everyone a lot of time and stress.

For existing material, including B-roll and archives, Axle AI 2023 makes a great complement to Axledit as all material can be cataloged, auto-tagged and searched, wherever it’s located.

Independent Production & Post

If you’re an independent producer or post-production professional, Axle AI can provide a comprehensive set of tools to help streamline your video workflows and manage your media more efficiently.

With our AI-powered MAM system and high-density storage solutions, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your source footage again. Axle Tags allow for auto-generated scene capture metadata, making it easier to find the right shots quickly.

We can even provide media migration to transfer rushes from location back to post-production. Plus, with Axledit, you can easily edit low-res footage to create base cuts ready for export to NLE for more precise, craft editing. And with our network expertise, training, and extended technical support, you’ll have all the tools you need to produce high-quality content efficiently and effectively.


Axle AI can help national or private archives that are managing content of national interest, including historical images digitized from film or early film footage that has been restored and preserved for posterity.

While many DAM companies offer digital asset management solutions, few can handle video media with the ease and efficiency that Axle AI does. Axle Tags also allows for auto-generated facial recognition, scene, and object metadata with ML, making it easier to search and find specific footage quickly.

Whether you’re a government-owned national archive or a private archive like a sporting body or museum, Axle AI has the tools you need to preserve and manage your video content efficiently and effectively.

Government & Security

Axle AI is an ideal solution for government entities and security organizations that generate or store video content. Our system can help improve your management of video, images, documents and images. When working with governments, we understand the strict rules and compliance attached to the procurement process, and we can position our solutions accordingly. 

With our Axle MAM system, you can easily manage and store your video content while maintaining the necessary security protocols. Axle Tags and AI also allow for auto-generated face and object recognition, making it easier to search and find specific footage quickly. Trust Axle AI to provide the tools and expertise needed to manage sensitive video content for government and security organizations.

Marketing & Advertising Agencies

For marketing and ad agencies that are primarily involved in creating TV commercials and online video content, we understand the importance of categorizing media elements based on the campaign and can create custom metadata pages to help categorize and describe content. 

Axledit is another tool that can help agencies by allowing for low-res editing for mock-ups or base-cuts. Axle also has an advanced review & approval toolset which allows real-time critique of edited content with creative feedback loops. Our team provides training and extended technical support to ensure that teams get the most out of our system and their video content.

Photographic Studios

As a large photo studio with a growing focus on video, you understand the importance of being able to easily search and retrieve your vast archive of visual content. This is where Axle AI comes in. Our powerful software can ingest, catalog, and tag your images and video content, making it easily searchable and retrievable. With our system, you can quickly find the right footage for your projects, saving time and increasing efficiency. Additionally, you can offer your customers a paid archive retrieval service, further expanding your potential revenues. Axle can also help you set up a download link to a web page for customer access to files. Don’t let your archive hold you back. Let Axle AI help you streamline your content management and retrieval processes today.

Airports & Airlines

Axle AI can be a valuable tool for airlines and airports as it provides an efficient solution for managing and organizing the vast amounts of media content created for in-flight entertainment and staff training purposes. With Axle’s advanced search and retrieval features, Airlines can easily access and locate the required media files, saving time and improving overall productivity.

Overall, Axle AI can be a valuable asset for airlines and airports looking to improve their media management processes and maximize their efficiency in producing and delivering quality in-flight entertainment and staff training content.

Traditional Broadcasters & VOD Providers

Axle AI can be a valuable asset for small-to-medium traditional broadcasters and VOD providers in managing their media assets. The scalability and affordability of our MAM are perfect for this kind of broadcaster. Axle AI can help you organize, manage, and archive your content for easy search and retrieval, saving you valuable time and resources.

Axle AI can also assist in creating metadata and categorizing your media based on program type, genre, or any other relevant criteria. This categorization will help broadcasters and VOD providers locate content quickly, which is essential in today’s fast-paced media landscape.

In summary, Axle AI’s affordability, scalability, and easy-to-use platform make it an ideal solution for small to medium-traditional broadcasters and VOD providers looking to manage their media assets more efficiently.

Large Enterprise Broadcasters (multi-platform)

As a large enterprise broadcaster delivering content to multiple channels and platforms, Axle can help you with its enterprise-class media management solution. With Axle, you can handle and deliver content to multiple platforms simultaneously without failure. Axle AI’s solution is robust and scalable to meet the demands of a large broadcast entity like yours.

With the help of process-tracking AI, you can optimize your production workflow, reduce operational burden, and minimize human error. You can also benefit from Axle Connectr’s workflow automation to streamline and automate your production processes. Additionally, Axle AI can help you with its customizable metadata framework. You can categorize and tag your content based on your specific requirements, making it easier to search and retrieve. You can use our AI-powered search engine to quickly find the content you need.

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