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Axle AI Cloud

$20 / terabyte / month

1 free user with each terabyte

Includes Backblaze cloud storage

Also available at $15/Tb/mo for existing
Backblaze, S3, Wasabi, and Cloudian buckets

Axle AI Platform


On-premise software with hardware

Includes MAM, 1 months of AI Tags services
Xeon CPU, 24 CPU cores, 128GB high speed RAM
NVidia GPU, 16GB VRAM, 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking

Larger configurations, migrations, integrations are available


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Custom Tailored

Scalable third-party storage for your needs

Built in AI-powered Media Management

Incorporated Workflow Automation

Bundles with Mac Studio Ultra Hardware

Starting at $249 and up / month / 2 users
or $499 / month / 5 users

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