Hardware & Cloud-Based Storage Integrations

Our Storage Partners offer a wide variety of hardware and cloud-based storage. Axle AI can support any storage solution. Contact us if you have preferred storage you would like us to connect to. Learn more about our storage integrations here.

JetStor delivers advanced storage solutions with top-tier connectivity and functionality. From RAID arrays to all-flash and economical systems, we optimize performance for media production. Complemented by JBODs, servers, switches, and HBAs, JetStor offers trusted, integrated solutions for media professionals.

Since 1979, Seagate has been creating precision-engineered data storage technologies that deliver superior capacity, speed, safety, and performance. You can get our AI MAM bundle with Seagate’s Exos CORVAULT Storage System for $94,995. The combined solution includes a massive 1.7 petabytes of networked on-premise storage, plus the ability to catalog and search content based on AI-driven transcription, facial recognition, object, and logo recognition capabilities.

OpenDrives is a global provider of enterprise-scale, software-defined data storage solutions. Their technology is designed to power the most demanding workflows—on premises and in the cloud. They are commitment to open standards and protocols facilitates ease of integrations, making it simpler for customers to access, use, move, and protect their data.

QNAP (Quality Network Appliance Provider) is devoted to providing comprehensive solutions in software development, hardware design and in-house manufacturing. Focusing on storage, networking and smart video innovations, they now introduce a revolutionary Cloud NAS solution that joins our cutting-edge subscription-based software and diversified service channel ecosystem.

Symply started out in 2016 with a basic philosophy: design and build the best workflow-enhancement and storage solutions for the media and entertainment industry, Apple, and SMB users regardless of company size. Since then, they grew and were acquired, but the philosophy remains the same.

Archiware GmbH is a data management software for backup, synchronization and archiving. Their software is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and the media and entertainment industry.

NetApp, Inc. is an American hybrid cloud data services and data management company. The NetApp portfolio of leading data, application, and storage solutions helps organizations manage applications and data everywhere across hybrid multicloud environments.

Scale Logic continues to be the go-to partner for the world’s largest companies seeking future-resistant media production storage and workflow orchestration solution.

LaCie, the premium brand of Seagate technology, designs world-class storage solutions for photographers, videographers, audio professionals, and other power users.

Spectra Logic develops and markets a full range of data management and data storage solutions for a hybrid-cloud world. The company helps organizations manage, migrate, store and preserve business data long-term, along with providing features to make them ransomware resilient, whether on-premises, in a single cloud, across multiple clouds or in all locations at once.

XenData is a global provider of cutting-edge data storage solutions optimized for creative video, medical imaging, video surveillance and other applications with high volumes of large files. They pro-videactive archive systems based on LTO data tape, optical disc cartridges and hybrid cloud.

MagStor manufactures LTO tape drives that connect via a Thunderbolt 3 connector, but also offering tape technologies in all shapes and sizes. Alongside their Thunderbolt 3 offerings, they offer SAS and FC desktop tape drives and even tape libraries scaling up to 280 slots.  

The Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a foundational platform around the world for a broad community of developers, IT generalists, entrepreneurs, and individuals who seek the easy, affordable, trusted solutions we provide.

Wasabi has been changing the cloud storage landscape with Hot Cloud Storage, a disruptively simple, one size fits all cloud storage technology that is 1/5th the price and faster than the competition with no egress fees, API call charges, or additional hidden fees.

Over the 36 years since its founding, Qualstar has established a reputation of trust built on excellent service and high-quality, reliable products. One of the few remaining fully independent tape library manufacturers, they go above and beyond their competitors to deliver solutions that most effectively meet their customers’ requirements while still accommodating the need for expansion.

Dell is among the world’s leading technology companies helping to transform people’s lives with extraordinary capabilities. From hybrid cloud solutions to high-performance computing to ambitious social impact and sustainability initiatives.

Qumulo offers a radically simple way to manage petabyte-scale data anywhere – edge, core or cloud – on the platform of your choice. In a world with trillions of files and objects comprising 100+ Zettabytes worldwide, companies need a solution that combines the ability to run anywhere with simplicity.

mLogic designs and markets innovative peripheral products for desktop and portable computers. The company’s product portfolio includes LTO archiving solutions and high-speed RAID systems featuring Thunderbolt™ connectivity.

For over 20 years Nexsan has built a reputation for highly reliable, cost-effective storage designed to serve specific use cases and business demands. We have continued to grow our solutions as part of the StorCentric family.

Archion Technologies is a leading provider of intelligent networked storage solutions specifically designed for post production and graphic professionals.

Disk Archive provides easy, secure and affordable technology for archiving and cold data storage – ALTO – the “Alternative to LTO”.

Active Storage, Inc. provides innovative RAID solutions for the business and creative industries, with an emphasis on the post-production, broadcast, publishing, education and science sectors.

Tiger Technology develops storage & data management software designed to help organizations optimize their on-premises storage and enhance their workflows through cloud services.

Promise Technology Inc. is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions, designed for the data center, surveillance, cloud and rich media markets.

Dynamic Drive Pool (or DDP) is an Ethernet SAN shared storage packed up with the most innovative technologies available for post-production and broadcast.

Quantum StorNext® is a shared-storage software platform – a high speed file system that can span different types of storage in a single namespace with integrated data lifecycle management – that is ideally suited for large video files, digital imagery, and other forms of unstructured data.

Maxx Digital is a cutting edge company focused on providing a large array of storage solutions for video editing, audio editing and general enterprise data backup.

Facilis Technology designs and builds shared storage servers for collaborative media production networks.

For more than a century IBM has been dedicated to every client’s success and to creating innovations that matter for the world.