Hybrid Cloud MAM Uses AI For Video Search

Media storage on your terms

Whether your media is stored on premise (NAS or direct attached drives), in the cloud, or a mix of both, Axle AI automatically catalogs your media where you’ve already saved it. No change to your file names or folder structures, and no clunky “check in” processes required.

Remote access is a breeze

Axle AI generates H.264 proxy files for all your media files, and previews of your image and audio files, too. Anyone on your team can preview these assets in their browsers, on laptops, phones or iPads.

Find the right clip fast with AI

Use AI to automatically tag faces, objects, logos, and transcribe speech, making it easy to organize large amounts of media quickly, so you can find the right clip when you need it. Create your own metadata fields for fully customized indexing and searching.

Powerful search at your fingertips

Quickly scan your entire media library with axle’s blazing fast advanced search. Save helpful searches as persistent smart filters to find media with a single click.

Lots of repetitive tasks?
Automate media workflows with Connectr.

Editing with a remote team?
Collaborate in the cloud with Axledit.

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