Axle AI AI-Powered MAM – Privacy Policy

At Axle Ai, Inc we care about your personal information and take privacy seriously. By using axledit, or any related website, platform, services, third party partners, and related entities (collectively known as “Services”) in any manner, you agree to and accept the policies outlined in this document. You consent that the Services may collect, use, and share your information as outlined below.

You must also abide by the Terms of Use and agree to it to use the Services.

Information You Provide

During your usage of the Services, you will knowingly provide information to facilitate usage of the Services. For example, registering an account requires an email address, full name, password, and an optional profile picture (“avatar”). You may also provide a billing contact name, email, and payment method for upgrading a Workspace to a paid subscription. Payment method are not directly stored on the Services and are instead stored directly with a third party payment provider such as Stripe.

We may send communication emails to you to keep you informed of updates to the Service, or to promote other services and businesses. We may receive a confirmation when you open an email from us, in order to improve the Services. You may unsubscribe from our email list using our third party email provider.

We may send emails to notify you of certain account changes, such as when you are invited to a Workspace or Review Link, as well as when your profile or password is updated. These account update emails cannot be unsubscribed from, since they are required for security and for interaction with the Services.

Some profile information, such as your name, avatar, Workspace name, or Workspace avatar, may be shown to additional users after they add you to their Workspace or you add them to your Workspace. Additionally, content uploaded and shared via Review Links can be accessed and viewed by users in the source Workspace or external clients invited to that Review Link.

Information Collected Automatically

When you, your external clients, and your invited Workspace collaborators (“Users”) access the Services, we may automatically record the browser, device, IP address, or operating system in the server logs to help improve the Services. We may also store “cookie” information to improve the Services and store login information for Users (see Cookies section below). You may be able to change cookie preferences in your browser, however this may limit your ability to use the Services or take advantage of some features of the Services.

Security of Information

Your account password is hashed and stored securely, and it is your responsibility to keep your login credentials secure from unauthorized access. We will follow best practices and make best efforts to protect the privacy of your account and information we hold in our records, including the use of standard HTTPS encryption protocols, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee complete security. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors, may compromise the security of user information at any time.

Payment methods are not directly stored on the Services and are instead stored directly with a third party payment provider such as Stripe, and they store such information in accordance with their policies as linked below.

Information and Third Parties

The Services will never rent or sell your personal information in personally identifiable form to anyone. However, third parties may require some information to be shared as described below.


We may share information that has been anonymized (so you are not personally identifiable) to our partners to improve the Services. This may include using analytics services such as Google Analytics and LinkedIn Insights to monitor and improve the Services.

The privacy policy for Google Analytics can be viewed here:

The privacy policy for LinkedIn can be viewed here:


When you link publishing destinations to the Services to allow publishing content on your behalf, you authorize the Services to store authorization tokens to perform the uploading on your behalf. When publishing, you may provide information such as a title, description, and privacy settings for the published content on the third party platform, which the Services will transmit to the third party platform, along with the selected media, on your behalf. You can revoke or update such authorization at any time from the Workspace publishing settings. These third party publishing destinations may have their own privacy policy.

The axledit API Client uses YouTube API Services, and the Google privacy policy is here: If you wish to revoke the Services’ ability to publish on your behalf, you may do so from Google’s security settings page for your account here:

The axledit API Client also uses Vimeo API services, and the Vimeo privacy policy is here:


To process billing, store payment methods, and manage invoices, we may use a third party payment provider such as Stripe. Only information required to process such transactions is shared with the third party payment provider, such as your name, email, credit card number and payment details. The privacy policy for Stripe can be viewed here:


We may use a customer relationship management platform (“CRM”) such as Mailchimp to facilitate mailing lists, marketing, and sales efforts, which may store your name, email, and workspace payment plans. It may also monitor user engagement in marketing efforts such as email opens, clicks, and ad performance. Mailchimp’s privacy policy can be viewed here:

We may use a platform to manage support requests from users, such as Zendesk. Your name and email may be shared with Zendesk to facilitate your support. Zendesk’s privacy policy can be viewed here:

When browsing stock media through the Services, some stock providers may monitor the usage and access of their media when urls to their media previews are accessed. We do not give them any of your information, other than the search terms and filters you enter to search their stock media through their API. The information they collect is no more than if you went to their website and performed the same search.

The Services may use a variety of cloud service providers to host the platform, including Amazon Web Services (“AWS”). The privacy policy for AWS can be viewed here:

The Services may use a push notification service to send information to users, such as Pusher. Such notifications may contain a user’s name, avatar, and info on the files that are updated. All notifications are run through private channels, ensuring only authorized users who have been added to the given Workspace may view the content of such notifications. Pusher’s privacy policy can be viewed here:

Unless otherwise specified, third parties do not have the right to use your personal information beyond what is necessary to support the Services.

In the event of a transfer of ownership of the assets of the Services (if a third party buys or sells any assets related to the Services), customer information may be included in the transfer, as is commonplace. Additionally, if the Services are acquired, go out of business, enter bankruptcy, or go through some other change of control, personal information could be one of the assets transferred to or acquired by a third party.


Cookies may be used by the Services to enable the functionality of certain areas to make it easier for people visiting and using the Services, and to use anonymized data to improve the Services. Some affiliate/advertising partners may also use cookies, as well as some stock media providers. We may also use cookies to store certain information about your session, including login information or Workspace info, which may be used to generate reports (including for Review Link views) for users with permission to view those reports. For example, when you view a Review Link you are invited to, the creator of the Review Link can see what you viewed, what you downloaded, and what you commented on. For Review Links that do not require login, the name and/or email address you provide to view the link may also be stored in cookies, and then saved for Review Link reports.

When you visit the Services homepage following a link with url parameters (such as utm codes), those parameters and other information such as IP address and referrer url may be stored in cookies. When you sign up for the Services some of that information may be stored to improve the Services and improve how users find the Services online.

You may clear the cookies from your web browser at any time, but they may be recreated upon your next interaction with the Services to facilitate that interaction.

Support Requests

If you contact the Services for support or assistance with your account, in order to provide the requested assistance, it may be necessary for a support engineer to view your account details and information about your files (including access and error logs, storage usage, user details, user linking, and file details). By contacting support and submitting such a request, you agree to grant the support engineer permission for that access. The support engineer will only view the minimal amount of data in order to respond to your request.

Additional Rights

Some users depending on their residence have additional rights regarding personal information such as residents of the European Union or California, USA. Some users have the right to view, amend, or delete the personal information held, and/or ask for a notice identifying the categories of information shared with third parties, or request the deletion of any email held. These users should be aware that requesting deletion, unlike unsubscribing from specific emails, is total and irreversible.

If you are a resident in such a location, please note that we rely on our legitimate interests, described above, to process your data, or for direct marketing purposes as disclosed above. If you object to such uses, please let us know by contacting support through the user interface menus when logged in to the Services.

Closing Accounts

At any time you may close any Workspaces you have created, and all data (including content uploaded, reporting, comments, analytics, publishing, and any activity on the Workspace done by any User) will be permanently erased. Closing a Workspace is final and irreversible.

We may retain your user account credentials to facilitate future usage of the Services, including your full name, email, password, and avatar. If you would like this information removed, please contact support through the user interface menus when logged in to the Services.


If you have any questions about this or any policy regarding the Services, please contact support through the user interface menus when logged in to the Services.