Innovation is essential in the fast-paced world of media workflows. We’re excited to reveal our latest product, Axle AI Dashboard – a revolutionary solution set to redefine how video editing teams can manage and monitor their operations. This powerful monitoring front end, powered by the Grafana open-source platform, offers users unparalleled visibility and efficiency. It’s a great way to bring a wide range of automated and human processes under one roof, right in your browser.

Axle AI Dashboard is your indispensable tool for streamlining media workflows and ensuring efficiency at every step.

Axle AI Dashboard is a game-changer in media workflows, designed to bring clarity and control to your media supply chain. Powered by the Grafana open-source platform, Axle AI Dashboard is the tool you’ve been missing. Hundreds of interface modules are already available, including for many of the processes that a video editing team would need. The system can easily be extended by installing or developing further modules.

Key Features:

1. Visual and Intuitive:

   – Get real-time insights into your media production, preparation, and delivery workflows through visually compelling and intuitive graphics.

2. Customizable:

   – Tailor the dashboard to meet your preferences, ensuring a personalized user experience that aligns seamlessly with your workflow needs.

3. Health Reports:

   – Stay informed about the real-time health status of Axle AI software, network, and storage with comprehensive reports.

4. Timely Milestone Notifications:

   – Receive timely notifications about key production milestones, eliminating worries about delays or faults.

Unmatched Operational Visibility:

Axle AI Dashboard offers the highest operational visibility, monitoring file processes, production teams, and workflows in real-time. Whether you are involved in content production, archiving, or transfering media, this powerful tool allows you to track, trace, and maintain full visibility of your workflows and operations.

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