Axle ai has teamed up with Seagate to make your media smarter. Seagate’s LaCie and Lyve storage offerings instantly simplify the way you store your media and move it into the Cloud. But you’ll also need a way to manage and search across these connected media platforms. That’s where axle ai comes in.

Axle ai’s simple, efficient, and easy-to-navigate platform allows users to manage their media in a smarter way. Our unique search functionality, metadata tagging, AI integrations, and other features integrate seamlessly into Seagate’s product lines.

Overall, Seagate’s data storage capabilities coupled with axle ai’s media management system let you sort through large amounts of media quickly and effectively. Rethink how you work with your media – and how together, we can make that media smarter.

Remote work, video, and AI have grown exponentially in recent years. As a result, media teams are increasingly demanding new ways to store and manage their media.

But how? Storage silos are everywhere, messy and hard to connect, and most media management systems are expensive, complex, and inflexible, custom-designed for high end media organizations that can afford them. That’s where we come in…

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