At Axle AI we’re known for our AI-powered video search and remote access software, but we have another great tool in our belt. Connectr is a workflow automation application that is totally separate from Axle. It requires almost no coding and can integrate with just about any third-party application to automate routine repetitive tasks that chew up time but don’t generate revenue.

Radically simple visual workflow design with Connectr 2021

Connectr 2021’s graphical interface enables users to build automated workflows using a sequence of building blocks, called units, that either trigger an action or process a file. While users can build totally customized workflows from scratch, Connectr comes with a number of predefined workflow projects that can be tailored for your own environment. Workflows can initiated automatically, by events such as dates/times, emails or database updates, or can be run manually from within the Connectr interface. Like Axle AI, Connectr is available for Mac and Linux.