Logos and faces can pose a challenge during post-production when the need arises to blur them out. Blurring the image becomes necessary to avoid unintended promotion or potential legal implications, or when you need to protect someone’s identity.

While filming a reality show, where numerous critical production elements demand attention, logos frequently slip by unnoticed. Whether displayed on shirts or showcased on signs or banners, these logos tend to fly under the radar and come back to bite you.

Blurring logos is a widespread norm in television shows, used to safeguard privacy and adherence to legal obligations. Including a company logo in your final version without proper permissions can result in serious legal complications.”

Manually locating every frame where the inconvenient logo or face appears can be time-consuming and cost you significant hours of video editing or delay other creative tasks. Thankfully, Axle AI offers the perfect solution.

With Axle AI’s intuitive AI technology, locating logos and faces becomes a breeze. Simply select a few clips or images featuring the face in question to train the system, apply AI analysis with a simple click, and let the system effortlessly identify all other clips where that logo appears.

By eliminating the need for manually checking each clip one by one, you’ll be amazed at the savings in time and effort. 

But that’s not all – this remarkable feature extends beyond faces and covers logos and objects as well. Continue reading to discover more!

Maintaining Compliance and Privacy

If you pay attention to reality shows, you’ll notice that numerous individuals in the background are intentionally blurred. This is usually because they haven’t provided consent or signed an image release.

With the Axle Faces feature, you can easily identify the points in the timeline where all unknown faces appear in a video.  This allows you to narrow down the key footage where faces have to be blurred.  In addition, if you have some examples of key people who have not signed releases and want to find them specifically, you can train Axle Faces about the individual faces you want to locate in the timeline, and it will display all the frames of the video where these faces appear.

Furthermore, Axle Objects offers the same features but this time with specific object recognition.

Efficient Content Discovery with Speech-to-Text Transcription

Additionally, Axle AI offers Speech-to-Text Transcription. This brilliant feature automatically generates precise transcriptions of spoken words in your videos. You can conveniently download these transcriptions in TXT format and export them as subtitles.

By searching for specific keywords or phrases, you can quickly locate sections within clips in seconds, eliminating the need for tedious manual searches through hours of footage to find the exact sound bite or memorable line you are looking for.

Whether you’re searching for a particular quote, conversation, or thematic element, the STT transcription feature acts as your digital dialogue companion. Experience the easiest way to search and edit your content with Axle AI.

Metadata Organization

Efficient content management relies heavily on metadata, and Axle AI‘s Media Asset Management (MAM) system excels in metadata organization.

Axle AI’s system empowers users to design customized metadata schemas using fields such as drop-down menus, radio buttons, check boxes, and tag clouds. 

By adding context to each file, this feature improves the accessibility and management of content.

Axledit and Connectr

Explore the range of solutions available on Axle AI’s website and discover the exceptional features of Axledit, an intelligent browser-based intuitive video editing tool.

Axledit is a cloud-based video editor that enhances productivity and collaboration. With real-time comments and updates, your team can work together seamlessly, regardless of location. Say goodbye to compromised teamwork and enjoy fast, easy editing in the cloud.

Additionally, Axle offers Connectr, a powerful no-code media automation tool that integrates with any program to enhance your workflow. By using Connectr, you can automate dozens of actions and save valuable time!

Visit our website today to unlock the full potential of your editing workflow and learn more about how Axle AI can elevate your video production process.

Conclusion: Streamlining Blurring for Seamless Editing

With Axle AI, adding blurring is ten times easier. You can now instruct the program to detect faces, objects, and logos, saving you valuable editing time.

Additionally, collaboration within your editing team becomes seamless with Axledit‘s intuitive features! Axle AI enables the smooth transfer of clips and Axledit sequences to Adobe Premiere Pro and other editors through XML or EDL export options. 

Don’t miss out! Contact our team now, and we’ll assist you in getting started with Axle AI

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