Axle AI, a leader in AI-powered media management software (NAB show, booth N1021), has announced today that a new partner has joined their distribution network: Nuevo, a leading technology solutions provider in Saudi Arabia. As a reseller partner, Nuevo will now offer Axle AI’s cutting-edge solutions to its customers. This partnership will bring a suite of powerful solutions to the Saudi market and solve the problems of a wide range of media teams who are seeking to manage large amounts of content.

“We are excited to welcome Nuevo as our newest reseller partner,” said Sam Bogoch, CEO of Axle AI “Their expertise in providing technology solutions to the media industry makes them an ideal partner for us. We look forward to working with Nuevo to bring our cutting-edge media management software to more organizations around the world.”

Axle AI provides a comprehensive media management platform that helps organizations optimize their content management workflows, streamline media production, and accelerate delivery times. Its AI-powered software provides advanced search capabilities, metadata tagging, and media asset management, making it an ideal solution for media and entertainment companies, post-production houses, newsrooms, and corporate communications departments.

“At Nuevo, we focus on listening to customers and discovering their needs to match appropriate value propositions. With our innovative ideas, our strong team, and a strong brand like Apple, we are confident we will make a big difference in the Saudi market and this partnership is a major step towards that goal,” said Walid AlBakoush, Nuevo’s Chairman.

This partnership is expected to make a significant difference in the Saudi market, providing media teams in the region with access to Axle AI’s advanced media management software. With Axle AI, media organizations will be able to optimize their content management workflows, streamline media production, and accelerate delivery times. This promises to be a game-changer in the Saudi market, providing media teams in the region with access to cutting-edge media management software. As media technology continues to evolve, organizations must embrace innovative solutions that can help them stay ahead of the curve, and Axle AI’s software is well-positioned to meet these needs.

Through this partnership, Nuevo will leverage its extensive experience in providing technology solutions to clients across various industries to help these organizations transform the way they manage their media assets. By offering Axle AI’s solutions to its clients, Nuevo will enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency and productivity, helping them stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Solution components Nuevo and Axle AI will provide as a part of this initiative are as follows:

1- Axle AI, Smart Media Asset Management Solution with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Whether your media is stored on-premise (NAS or direct attached drives), in the cloud, or a mix of both, Axle AI automatically catalogs your media where you’ve already saved it. No change to your file names or folder structures and no clunky “check-in” processes are required. Searching your media has never been easier.

2- Axledit.  Cloud editing for any industry, Edit collaboratively with your team worldwide. No matter what kind of video you produce, editing in the cloud makes it fast and easy. Whether your team is on-location or across the globe, they can review while you edit for instant feedback and approval. Files can be viewed from anywhere, shared securely, and feedbacked. You can also get access to stock images and videos.

3- AxleConnectr Powerful no-code media automation production for Mac, PC, and Linux, Connectr is a fully customizable workflow that allows different media applications to talk to each other for the first time. Drag and drop to automate dozens of actions with ease, saving you time to focus on what you do best. Sophisticated design options let you know when operations are complete (or fail) with user notifications and alternate steps if things don’t work the first time. Branching workflows and sophisticated logic make even more power available.

About Nuevo

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Axle AI – We make media smarter. Axle AI is the recognized leader in developing radically simple media management software. Its solutions have helped over 900 organizations improve the way they create, share, and store digital video content with media management solutions that are easy to install, use and afford. Axle’s radically simple media management uniquely addresses a burgeoning need and has caught on rapidly among video professionals in post-production, education, broadcast, corporate, sports, house of worship, non-profit, advertising-marketing, and government organizations worldwide. Axle AI, Inc. is a privately held company; its founders have extensive industry experience in media asset management for creative applications. Investors include Stadia Ventures, Jason Calacanis, LAUNCH accelerator, and Quake Capital. Learn more at

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