Up until now, the collaboration tools for video mostly focused on work after the video was edited, and not the actual editing process. But the editing process is where the majority of time is spent, and thus where the majority of time savings is possible.

That’s why we built the platform — to accelerate the editing process and create the most value for video creators. We built the multi-user video editor from the ground up so that anyone can see the edits as they are made, make changes, and all be on the same page.

In the video editor, two editors can edit a sequence at once, sharing the work and seeing each other’s changes in real-time. Or, open someone else’s sequence, copy the clips you need, and paste them into your own. You can also lock your sequence to prevent anyone else from accidentally making changes. You have full control over your edit and the level of sharing.

For more information about the collaborative video editor, click here.

The full editing workflow, streamlined.

real time

Post production involves many steps, and we built the platform to address each of those steps and keep things moving as fast as possible.

Teams can upload footage and other files from anywhere in the world, using our accelerated multi-part uploader. Pause and resume uploads, reorder them, and even rename/move files while they are being uploaded.

Assistant editors, producers, and clients can log footage, pull selects, apply custom metadata, and tag files that are automatically sorted into Collections. The media organization process can happen from anywhere, simultaneously.

The editor (or multiple editors) can edit using a web browser and everyone will see the updates in real time. We built our collaborative video editor to be easy to use, fast, and light-weight enough to run in a browser.

If the editor wants to use their own editing program like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X, they can start with the rough cut made in the cloud, export an FCP XML or EDL, and work on their own machine. A producer on the west coast (without any of the footage on their computer) can make a rough cut of the interview selects they want, and the editor on the east coast (with the footage) can download the cut and begin working. Imagine no more shipping drives back and forth!

The video editor includes multiple filters and transitions, supports video and images with alpha channel, and renders effects live for smooth playback. We’re always adding more filters and transitions, so if you don’t see one you want, let us know!.

For review, share the cut in a secure Review Link for external clients to comment and approve. Your coworkers can also comment directly in the sequence, which you’ll see pop up live as they create them. For more information about sharing and review, click here.

Once the edit is done, export it and the render engine will create a final video file for you. Then you can Publish it to an endpoint linked to your account like YouTube.

Everyone on the same page

With the platform as your single source of truth, everyone on your team (including your clients) will be on the same page. Everyone sees the same content, the same metadata, the same edit, and the same exports, from anywhere in the world, in their web browser.

Try it for free and let us know what you think! We’re constantly improving the platform and adding new features, filters, transitions, publishing destinations, and more. We’d love to hear how you’d like to see the platform evolve!