Award-winning industry pro, Larry Jordan, just wrote a detailed review of our AI-powered media management software, Axle. AI. In this long form article, Larry takes a deep dive into the state of the MAM industry, what options are available to small- and mid-sized video production teams, and the ways Axle AI makes media management smarter – at an affordable price.

“Whether your media is stored on premise (NAS or direct attached drives), in the cloud, or a mix of both, Axle AI automatically catalogs your media where you’ve already saved it. No change to your file names or folder structures, and no clunky “check in” processes required.

Axle.AI automatically generates metadata (labels) based on technical specs, plus supports customize metadata fields. It uses “Elastic Search” technology (similar to doing a Google search) so searches are performed using English, rather than arcane search terms.

Learn about the features of Axle AI, how Larry uses them in his own production workflow, and see specific examples of each use case in action. Also included is an interview with Axle AI CEO, Sam Bogoch, who discusses the advantages of our software and how it solves common pain points of video production teams across every industry.

Read the review here: Product Review: Axle.AI Media Asset Management

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