Create your own green screen effects with the color key filter. It’s rendered live in your web browser for easy previewing.

Using the Color Key filter is an easy way to remove the background from a video with a solid color. The best part is it’s rendered live in your web browser, without needing to wait to see the results.

You can choose from tons of pre-made stock footage that has a green background for easy removal, or create your own.

If you want to shoot your own footage, you can buy a bright green sheet from any retailer. We’re fans of this Emergency Green Screen blanket which is a fun item to keep around. Make sure to light the green screen evenly to keep the colors consistent, and have your subject stand far enough away from the screen that they aren’t hit with too much green light bouncing off the green screen. Also, the higher resolution you can record with your camera, the better the result since there will be more pixels to work with.

blue screen
Blue screen effects are easy with the Color Key filter

When you bring the footage into a sequence, drag and drop the Color Key filter onto it and adjust the settings. You can choose what color to remove, how to handle similar colors, and how much blending there should be.

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