We’ve gone live with a much-improved version 1.1 of our revolutionary Axledit collaborative cloud video editing platform. The upgraded features will help video teams meet the demands of the worldwide explosion of video content.

According to a report by market intelligence firm IDC, the sum of data generated globally is set to accelerate exponentially to nearly 180 zettabytes by 2025 (one zettabyte is equal to 1 billion terabytes). A growing, double-digit percentage of this data consists of media files. Which means billions of terabytes of video that needs to be stored, searched, and repurposed.

Video teams need to work more efficiently

Over 500,000 video teams worldwide are responsible for editing, managing and publishing content with escalating pressure to produce more video faster, under tighter budgets. We created Axledit 1.1 to help video teams meet these challenges.

Axledit is a revolutionary cloud editing platform, it runs entirely in your browser and enables real-time collaboration between team members, clients and assistants. This is a big difference from traditional video editing software, as it works much like document editing tools such as Google Docs that can be accessed from any device.

The system also features one-click publishing of high-res rendered videos to YouTube and Vimeo, without requiring a cumbersome download and upload of media files.

Here’s an overview of the new features in Axledit 1.1:

  • You can now upload entire folders, not just individual files, via drag and drop.
  • It’s much faster to preview and share, as video and audio are now available via Review Links, even before they’re fully ready for editing.
  • More compact list view, so you can see more items on the same size window
  • New selection box for the file list
  • Password protection for review links
  • Option to download H.264 proxy media instead of high res when downloading
  • Project archiving to Axledit Tera, a new affordable cloud storage option based on Seagate’s Lyve Cloud.
  • Optional on-premise gateway allows you to search and pull from large existing media repositories on network attached storage (NAS) devices.

These improved features are helping teams work seamlessly together, even if they’re on opposite sides of the planet, enhancing productivity and providing huge cost savings by dramatically reducing time spent on postproduction and clunky review/approval cycles.

Now includes affordable, scalable storage

Axledit 1.1includes integration with our Tera nearline archiving based on Seagate Lyve Cloud, which allows the unique capability of editing and even rendering directly from archived material in the cloud. Unlike existing cloud services which only allow media to be retrieved from archive in a cumbersome, slow process, Axledit 1.1’s Tera feature offers immediate access with no egress fees allowing unlimited, real-time access to HD and 4K footage as well as high resolution images and audio files saved on Axledit Tera.

Axledit 1.1 is available at a starting price of $10 per user per month plus $12 per terabyte per month. A higher user tier offers additional integrations and capabilities, at $50 per user per month plus $12 per terabyte per month. Both pricing tiers include all axledit collaborative features including multi-editor timeline editing, version locking, review and approval from mobile devices. Additional capabilities, such as cataloging large on-premise media storage with the aid of machine learning (Axle AI 2022) or automating repetitive workflow tasks and integrating third-party REST APIs (axle connectr) are available at additional cost.

For more information please visit www.axle.ai/axledit.