Archiware P5 and the P5 Data Mover add-on integrated with Axle AI Platform to provide on-premise AI-powered analysis of archival media at an affordable cost

The key value of bringing AI and archiving together for customers is that large repositories of media, previously hard to search and reuse, can now be easily accessed, repurposed and monetized.”

— Sam Bogoch, CEO, Axle AI

Axle AI, Inc., the leader in providing AI-powered media search (NAB booth SL10061), and Archiware, a leading vendor of archiving software for the media industry (NAB booth SL6037), today announced the availability of AI-powered metadata tagging and search solutions for Archiware customers worldwide. These solutions leverage Axle AI’s new Platform software, a modular software architecture allowing private AI engines to be run on-premise to analyze large amounts of video, image and audio content, as well as the new version 7.2 release of Archiware’s P5 Data Management software.

Key features of the new Axle AI Platform include:

• Lightweight, user-friendly MAM on Mac or Linux
• Axle Tags on-premise face recognition, object recognition, and logo recognition
• Speech voice transcription
• Semantic search with scene understanding
• Ability to catalog both on-premise and cloud data sources

Key features of Archiware’s new P5 version 7.2 include:

• S3 Object Archive to LTO and LTFS storage via the S3 interface
• Server-wide incremental archiving using INC+ archive
• Filter-based query and job history in the P5 Data Mover
• Positional search in the Archive Index
• NanoPure LTO media support, certified by MagStor
• P5 Data Mover to migrate, replicate or tiering of archived data between disk, LTO tape and Cloud storage

Both companies have an installed base of thousands of users, and a track record of successful joint deployment at sites located worldwide. The key benefit of the new integration is that media archives, ranging from terabytes to petabytes in size, become readily searchable for the first time.

Sam Bogoch, CEO of Axle AI, said: “The key value for customers is that large repositories of media content, previously hard to search and reuse, can now be easily accessed, repurposed and monetized – with content rapidly made available for new uses including social media posts. This capability can lead to improved output and reduced costs, both from shortened editing cycles and reduced need for new shoots and reshoots.”

About Axle AI

Axle AI, Inc. is dedicated to making media smarter. As the leading developer of radically simple media search software, Axle AI has empowered its over 1,000 customer sites to solve the key problem of finding and repurposing their video content. Axle AI’s solutions are renowned for their ease of installation, use, and affordability, catering to diverse sectors including video post-production, education, broadcast, corporate, sports, house of worship, non-profit, advertising, and government organizations worldwide.

Axle AI, Inc. is a privately held company, boasting founders with extensive industry experience in media asset management for creative applications. Investors include Stadia Ventures, Jason Calacanis, LAUNCH accelerator, and Quake Capital. The company’s software was recently featured on the Linus Power Tips YouTube channel; clip at Learn more at

About Archiware

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Archiware GmbH is a privately held company with over 23 years of experience in data management software for backup, synchronization and archiving and more than 20,000 licenses sold. Archiware’s software is used by thousands of media companies worldwide.
The product line includes:

• P5 Synchronize – Replicate data to ensure high availability
• P5 Backup – Back up server data to disk, tape and cloud
• P5 Archive – the MAM-like Archive to migrate data offline to disk, tape and cloud
• P5 Data Mover – an extension for the P5 Archive module for policy-based moving, copying and tiering of archived data between tape, disk and cloud. For more information, visit