video has teamed up with Xendata to make your media smarter.

axle ai is radically simple software for managing your media files through any web browser. It’s not cloud software, though – the back end runs on a computer that you control, connected to the storage you already own. axle ai offers an interface module that delivers a tight integration with XenData archive systems.

Xendata is a global provider of cutting-edge data storage solutions optimized for creative video, medical imaging, video surveillance and other applications with high volumes of large files. They provide active archive systems based on LTO data tape, optical disc cartridges and hybrid cloud. We team up to make your media smarter.


Their LTO archives scale to 100+ Petabytes and provide cost effective, secure, long-term retention of file-based assets. When configured as private cloud storage, our LTO solutions provide an attractive alternative to public cloud storage services, such as AWS Glacier and the Archive Tier of Azure object storage.

XenData LTO Archive systems have a standard file system interface that may be accessed locally or over your network via SMB, NFS or FTP. This means that applications access the LTO archive just like writing to and reading from a local disk volume or network attached storage

This boosts the productivity of distributed teams by enabling them to seamlessly share and synchronize files across all locations.

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