Regenerating proxy files

Occasionally a user may need to regenerate a proxy file or if there is a large queue of proxies being processed, an actual user may wish to push a particular clip or clips to the top of the queue. This is done by selecting the clips to be reprocessed, then selecting regenerate proxy from the action menu. The process and queue icon will appear in place of the thumbnails and the system will process the clips.

A couple of items of note here are: when system first processes a file, it always checks to see if the file is growing or not. If the file is growing, we will wait for around 30 seconds and test again. If the file is still growing, we will wait until it’s completed before processing it. Of course, Axle can process more than one file at a time.

The default is two files concurrently, but in more powerful systems, maybe with eight or more course, it is possible to increase the number of concurrent jobs. Once the files are being processed, the thumbnails will appear and the proxy files will be complete. The file we use to enable scrubbing is created last, so if the scrubbing does not operate immediately, please try again later.