Intro to archive

An important feature of Axle is the ability to archive clips to a network storage location. The admin sets up the archive locations and also sets the archive permissions for users to archive clips. A user can select a single clip multiple clips or a folder full of files and then select that archive from the action menu. This will start a background process of copying the clips along with the proxy files and x email sidecar files to the pre-set location.

The files were shown in a clear triangle to show that they had been archived. Once the archive process is complete, the archive user can then vacate the archive clips from the system. Saving lots of space on the media storage. The archive triangle will change to show a filled-in gray triangle. Users can still search for and add metadata or add files as a subclip to a bin.

However, if users would like to edit with the high-resolution original, the file must be recalled from the archive. Using the restore from archive function once recalled, the clips triangle will change from gray to clear.