Creating Subclips

From the Folder view, you can select any number of assets and choose the appropriate bin from the Add to Bin option in the Action menu. This will create a sub-clip of the entire asset and add it to the selected bin. You can also make a sub-clip from a specific selection of a video. To do this, click the asset to enter the Player view. 

To create a sub-clip from a larger clip, select the Sub Clips tab. Make a selection with an in-point and an out-point. Navigate the video to the first frame and then click the bracket button in the Video Toolbar. Or press the I key on your keyboard. You’ll see a blue opening bracket appear in the time bar. Navigate the video to the final frame you’d like to include and click the bracket button on the Video Toolbar. Or press the O key on the keyboard. You’ll see a blue closing bracket on the time bar. Now enter a name for your sub-clip and choose a desired bin from the drop-down menu. Click Create Sub Clip to add the subclip to the bin. The system remembers which bean is being used, so any new clips will automatically be added to the same bin. Opening a bin will show all of the sub-clips when a user exports the bin Axle, test the browser to get the OS details. If the user is on an apple mac, the bin will be exported with Mac file paths. If the user is on windows, the export will have windows file paths.