AxleNews is an innovative Newsroom software system

Specially designed to support the needs of the journalism and media industry. This system offers extensive functionality and cross-platform compatibility, allowing multiple people to access and collaborate simultaneously. AxleNews provides an intuitive workflow model that simplifies operations and visual recognition of system areas. It also offers event and server error logs for problem tracking and performance optimization. AxleNews is a modern solution that helps journalists and media outlets operate efficiently and effectively manage their work. The system is MOS compatible.

The AxleNews system includes:

– Access to a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.).
– Monitoring of RSS feeds including AP and EBU, Facebook and Twitter posts.
– Control Rounds, Tasks and Tasks.
– Contact directory and shared calendar.
– Review log.
– Short time with timing and co-editing.
– 3rd party integration with CG, Playouts and Teleprompters
– Integration with WordPress for website publishing.
– Version for smartphones and tablets.
– Multi-site support.
– Export information to business information systems.
– LDAP and AD support.
– Integrated chat.
– SMTP protocol support
– Control of user permissions

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