Wildcard Search

A useful feature. An actual search is the ability to do wild card searches using the wild card star character. For example, I want to do a search for all the clips in a catalog that might have comments or maybe new comments. Firstly, I’m going to open the advanced search and then select restrict search to the current folder. Then I’ll select comments as this is a specific area I’d like to search in.

I’m going to leave the operator as contains and then enter the star as the wild card in the search box. When I click search or press Enter the system will return all the clips that have comments. If I want to search for any clips that have new comments, there are two ways to do this. Firstly, I can simply add minus sign just before the word comments in the search bar.

After pressing, Enter X will show all the clips in the catalog that have no comments. The other way of doing this would be to select the catalog. Go to Advanced Search as before. I’m going to restrict to the current folder. Select comments again. But this time, rather than selecting content I’m going to select, it does not contain. And again, I will use the wild Card star character by clicking search or pressing enter packs.

It will return the search results for any files in the catalog without any comments. Please remember the wild card can be used in many different metadata fueled searches.