Our Team

Even though our company uses web technology extensively in our products, our team believes that there’s no substitute for direct contact with customers – whether in person, by phone, Skype or email. We hope you can take some time to share your requirements with us, and look forward to continuing to sharpen our focus and rapidly evolve axle to meet the needs of the emerging market for affordable video workgroup tools.

We look forward to hearing from you at info@axle.ai or +1-617-262-9222

Neil Blake

European Sales

Neil, axle’s man in London, provides support, assistance, and outreach in the EMEA territories.

Alex Hamilton

North American Sales

Alex heads our US East Coast sales from Philadelphia, bringing technical and product expertise to organizations around the continent.

Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson

West Coast Sales

Colin takes the lead on US West Coast and Asia-Pacific sales, bringing years of experience to every conversation.

Elisa Hecker

Presales and Technical Support Coordination

Elisa assists with product demos and training, and helps the technical support team ensure that all requests are handled promptly.

Ahmed “Mimo” Chikhi

Lead Software Support / Solutions Architect

Mimo offers in-depth technical expertise to support axle customers, creates custom tools and solutions to assist with misbehaving hardware, and designs solutions for custom requests.

Maris Dembovskis

Software Support

Maris joined the axle team in 2016. He works with our customers to provide software support as well as quality assurance of our software and workflow tools. Maris has Bachelor’s Degree in IT databases and administration.