axle ai speech

axle ai’s AI platform

axle ai Speech is the first module of our AI platform, capable of rapidly creating a searchable transcript of any video in your library.

transcript analyze

axle ai Speech allows you to easily generate a transcript of any video or audio file in your media library through axle ai’s radically simple interface.

The resulting transcript is fully searchable, which means you can review all the media in which a specific phrase appears in just a few seconds. You can edit the transcript in the interface to correct any errors, and generate a timecode-stamped text file to use in other programs.

The service is priced at under $2 per hour of footage, and can also be configured fully on premise based on request.

Get Started

To begin using axle ai Speech, create an axle ai account at

This is your homepage for managing your axle Speech account, and in the future will be used for other axle services as well.

For step by step instructions on how to link your axle ai installation and axle Speech account, please consult our documentation.