How to Share Clips with External Users Using Axle’s Sharing Feature

It is common for an Axle user to wish to share a clip or clips with someone else who may not have access to the actual system. We refer to these external users as guests. This is achieved using our sharing feature. 

The actual user chooses the clip or clips, then selects “Share” from the action menu. The pop up window allows the user to enter the email address of the guest into the email window.

It is also possible to change the expiry date of the shared link, as well as give the guest the ability to download the clips. The actual system must be configured to communicate with an email account in the admin pages. We will cover this in another video.

Alternatively, the actual user can copy the encrypted link from the actual interface into their own email and send it directly to the guest. When the guest opens a link, they will only see the selected clips. We can add time based comments and also change the approval ratings. Any changes the guest makes will be reflected immediately in the Axle interface.