Welcome to axle ai! In this section we have information about our products and how they could help you if you are a video editor or if you simply work in the field or audiovisual production industry. Each one of them is made to make your life easier,  save time and have more speed and efficiency in your work and  your team, let’s see!

axle ai: represents a new breed in media management systems these are some of the benefits: 

1. axle ai automatically catalogs your media where you’ve already saved it. No change to your file names or folder structures, and no clunky “check in” processes required.

2.Generates H.264 proxy files for all your media files, and previews of your image and audio files, too. Anyone on your team can preview these assets in their browsers, on laptops, phones or iPads. Use AI to automatically tag faces, objects, logos, and transcribe speech, making it easy to organize large amounts of media quickly, so you can find the right clip when you need it.

3.Axle is compatible with an almost unlimited range of video , audio and still image file types, including multi page PDFs and other documents.

4. One of the benefits of the axle solution is scalability. Currently, the system is capable of indexing more than 8 million assets in a single deployment, and of supporting up to 250 users; as processing power grows, we expect to more than double these numbers in the next 2-3 years.

Connectr: is a powerful and groundbreaking media workflow tool with a software component architecture at the heart of the system, designed to deliver the ultimate in multipurpose broadcast and workflow automation. With connectr, Axle AI has created an open software infrastructure; broadcast professionals on any Linux, Windows or Mac-based platform can now experience Axle AI’s intuitive workflows and seamless integration of transcoding, metadata extraction, archiving and other workflows. The Connectr 2022 software includes a graphical front end, Connectr Designer, which makes constructing workflows a simple drag-and-drop process.

With Connectr you can:

• Build powerful media processing workflows using the Connectr Designer UI

• Run these workflows on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms

• Integrate and customize a wide range of third party products


Browser-based editing with strong Premiere integration

Our powerful browser-based collaborative editor allows multiple team members to simultaneously work on simple and mid-complexity edits from within standard web browsers. Axledit’s unique collaboration features allow not only browser-based review and approval by producers and clients, but also simultaneous editing sessions with a shared view of the current state of the timeline and playback. This capability is especially important in a world where remote work has become not only accepted, but the overwhelming choice of content professionals industrywide.

Axledit is progressing rapidly in terms of new features. Our most recent versions have added:

1. Multi-language user interface – includes Spanish, French and German front ends with more languages expected over the coming months. We are open to adding Malay for the version that would be deployed at Media Prima.

2. Ability to catalog external S3-compatible data storage pools, including Amazon S3, Seagate Lyve Cloud and other cloud and on-premise S3 storage archives.

3. Integrated speech transcription for affordable, quick location of key moments in video clips.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro panel allowing one-step exports of not only media, but also full axledit sequences directly to Premiere for final editing

5. Selectable multi-track audio playback within the browser. While stereo audio is simply played back natively by the browser by default, Axledit adds the capability for each producer, logger or editor to play back only selected audio tracks from within a multi-track timeline. The track played can be selected dynamically on the fly from the browser user interface.

6. Multiple social media publishing endpoints. While Axledit supports rendering to 1080p files by default, it also supports the ability to publish media directly to YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook with more targeted endpoints planned.

7. Edit-While-Ingest – This powerful feature allows users to edit live growing files as they are ingested into shared storage or cloud. Once an edited timeline is rendered, the system will render the file using the hi-res version including all effects. This ensures maximum quality is available when creating new content for multiple platforms.

Axledit has several new and powerful features in its current roadmap including more advanced audio mixing, advanced video effects and other collaborative tools which will reduce dependency on craft editors such as Adobe.


Enterprise-Class, advanced content supply chain management

As part of this proposal, Axle AI is providing Axle Enterprise Platform (AEP), its cloud-native, A.I powered, Supply-Chain Management Platform. This unique platform will support Media Prima not only with its existing operating model and requirements but when there is a need to migrate to new or evolving operating models so you can

realize smarter work practices, generate new revenue streams and deliver maximum productivity benefits.

AEP is built to manage multi-platform media logistics across the media enterprise. Using the metadata and instructions from a Channel Management System, Fore TV, it automates and prioritizes workflows to efficiently drive metadata capture, content discovery, analysis, validation and processing right across the supply chain, from contract inception through to distribution. AEP is underpinned by configuration and a business rules driven orchestration layer, BPM, which means workflows and processes are virtually “code free”. Workflows can be built and tested, specific to a customer, and changes can be implemented within minutes rather than days or weeks. AEP is accessible from any location. Once a user is logged into AEP they can view all assets and processes, with full visibility of both content and metadata, rights permitting. There are multiple different dashboards for use by the Media Prima teams which are designed to flag missing material and any workflows / work orders that are either late or are in danger of missing their due dates. Once the teams start to use AEP they will have the confidence to only look for the exceptions, secure that all other workflows will be completed as requested and on time.

AEP offers many benefits and value but these vary across customers depending on their business needs and drivers. The following are the ones that are most relevant to Media Prima:

* Automation introduced wherever it is applicable with the elimination of technical and process duplication.

*The self-service capability minimizes and, in most cases, eliminates the dependencies on others; this can be extended to Media Prima’s customers and suppliers.

* Dashboard views of all assets, workflows and processes to highlight when and where a user must take action.

* Agile, scalable and flexible; optimized to manage big data sets.

* Configuration and rules driven approach with low-code workflows ensures these are quick to build and change, with minimal down time.

*Simplified and intuitive UI designed for ease of use; validation ensures data entered is always compliant and fit for purpose.

*The integrated media-optimized broker layer offers efficient system integration with all platform components and an externally accessible API, which may be useful when Media Prima extends its offering and services to its customers and suppliers.

*The design of AEP’s foundations ensures it is well placed to implement and manage any future initiatives either within Media Prima or across the industry in general.