What does axle ai do?

axle ai is a video search and management tool for video teams, that helps you

  • work remotely
  • find your media quickly
  • collaborate on your media
  • archive your media
  • make better use of your media

Using the power of AI, axle software creates searchable metadata for your media, and as many custom searchable fields as you want. 

You can create searchable comments and saved searches, create subclips to export to your NLE of choice and use axle to facilitate your media archive process. 

In short, axle helps you manage your media and find what you’re looking for fast.

Why was axle ai created?

Because the existing ways to manage media…

  • are too expensive and cumbersome
  • rely on duffle bags of drives, which need to be shipped across the country
  • require check out systems

There was a need for an affordable, lightweight solution for media management and search. Prior to axle ai, only large broadcasters and media companies had the resources for this type of powerful media management and search capability.

What types of companies use axle ai software?

axle ai is for anyone who works with a lot of media. It’s made for video teams using NAS or SAN storage, cloud storage, or a combination of both.Television & Cable Networks, Production companies, Religious institutions, state governments, Universities, sports teams, financial institutions, media conglomerates, basically anyone with a lot of media, a lot of post-production work, and if you’ve ever had to…

  • search multiple drives for one video clip
  • watch a three hour video for a 15 second segment
  • overnight ship a drive to another office location

…then axle ai is perfect for your team!

How can axle ai make my life easier?

axle ai saves time, money and hassle by helping you organize your media. With a centralized, easy to use web interface accessible to your whole team, axle ai will help you…

  • find clips fast
  • collaborate with your team
  • communicate with clients
  • avoid reshooting clips

If you calculate how much time you spend searching for the right video clip each day, multiply that by the week, the month and the year, you’ll see how much time axle ai can save you for remote video search alone.

How does axle ai help video teams to work remotely?

axle ai was already a huge time and cost saver, but as teams around the world increasingly make the move to remote work, axle ai can help ease that transition. With axle’s reverse proxy module, teams can access their locally stored media from any web browser in or out of the office.It enables teams to work together on post-production video without having to ship drives, wait for long downloads, or face the confusion of which version is being worked on by whom. With the shared proxy, everyone working on the project has seamless access with an easy way to keep track of changes and input from all parties involved.

How does axle ai software work?

axle ai looks at your storage and replicates your folder structure, creating small browseable proxies of your media that can be quickly viewed via the web. axle’s browser based interface lets you interact with all your media from any browser on your local network, or from anywhere in the world using our reverse proxy capabilities. axle ai uses artificial intelligence to organize and tag all your video files. It’s not magic, but it almost seems like it!

What’s the difference between axle ai and other media management software?

axle ai stands apart from traditional MAM systems because you don’t need to change the way you work to get the benefits. axle ai works with your existing local or cloud storage. It’s fast, easy to set up, and user friendly, meaning your team will actually want to use it! And, if you want to integrate axle ai with other tools in your workflow, our connectr visual designer can automate workflows for almost any software process.It’s the simplicity and ease of use that makes axle ai software radically different. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and takes very little time to set up and learn.

What are the system requirements?

axle ai runs on Mac and Linux systems. We recommend a minimum 6-core Mac with 16GB of Ram. Depending on the size of your media library or your desired system speed, we might recommend more powerful hardware. For more information, visit our system requirements page: https://axle.ai/system-requirements
axle ai | System Requirements – axle.ai

How do I integrate the software with my video library?

It’s easy to connect axle to your media storage via a file path in our administrator pages.

What is ascribe ai?

ascribe ai is our simple, affordable transcription tool. Using AI, ascribe.ai creates searchable transcripts of your video and audio files. ascribe ai is available as a standalone desktop app, as a panel in Adobe Premiere Pro, and as a module in axle: axle Speech. Transcription starts at just $2 per hour and is available as a subscription or blocks or minutes. To learn more about ascribe ai, check pricing, and sign up for a free account, visit https://ascribe.ai/Transcribing with ascribe ai is fast and affordable. Transcription happens in less-than-real-time and at under $2 an hour, is the most affordable option available. Our transcription in axle ai adds another layer of searchability to your media- quickly find the exact phrase or word you’re looking for, without having to scan through hours of footage.

What is connectr ai?

connectr 2022 is our visual workflow designer. Automate processes between all of your applications – no coding required! connectr 2022 is a great compliment to your axle ai software or as a standalone application. To learn more, visit http://connectr.ai/

What do I need to do to get started?

To get started with a 30-day trial of axle ai, you’ll need Apple hardware meeting our minimum system requirements or hardware on which we can set up a Linux VM. Our team can set up a trial remotely and provide a quick user training to help you get going.Contact us at info@axle.ai, or sign up for a live demo here. When you decide to make a purchase, our team will remotely assist with installation.

How much does it cost?

axle ai is available as a subscription or a one-time purchase with an annual maintenance and update fee. axle ai is priced per user, with two users starting at $2995USD. Our team can help you determine the best package, including additional modules that will work for you.

What are my options?

axle ai has additional features for handling specialty media formats like r3d and 4K footage, as well as options for archiving and ingest, and a variety of AI-powered tagging capabilities.

How do I know which modules are  the best for me?

This is where we come in! Our team can help determine what axle ai configuration works best for the media and storage you have, how your team works, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Do you work with resellers?

Yes! We have resellers all over the world, and we can direct you to one in your region.If you’re interested in becoming a reseller please reach out to us at info@axle.ai

I have an old version of axle ai, how do I upgrade?

Customers with current support contracts can contact axle and ask for the latest installer.They can then install axle over their current version. This will require a reboot of their system.
Our support team can help with this process.

Why are the proxies not rendering?

There may be one or two reasons for our proxy file not to render, this might be related to communications issues between axle and the media server. If the proxy files are not being created please contact support@axle.ai

Why are there missing media files in my axle ai interface?

There may be a number of causes for media files to be missing. Firstly axle may be busy processing other files so the sweep function that finds new files has not run yet. Typically it takes axle between 5 and 10 minutes to find new files.If axle is not showing new content please contact support@axle.ai for help.

If you still have questions please reach out via our messenger app, or send an email to support@axle.ai