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axle ai 2022 is the latest edition of axle’s award-winning media management software, supporting anything from small media libraries to large collections of over one million assets. Simply point axle at the storage volumes or folders you want to manage and it automatically creates low-bandwidth proxies you can then access from any web browser. Using our simple browser interface, it’s easy to search, comment, mark, approve, and annotate your assets from any location. There’s no need to move your media files or change your system setup. Your storage can be a SAN, a NAS or just a local RAID, and can be running in a Mac, Windows or Linux environment – all axle needs is to be able to read the file system. For optimal system performance, we recommend running axle on a dedicated quad-core or larger iMac or a Mac Pro. Because axle’s interface runs in a web browser, it works with any mix of Macs, PCs, and mobile devices (iOS or Android).


Folder Mirroring

Unlike many asset management systems, axle doesn’t assume sole control over your files and it never requires you to check in or check out media. Instead, axle automatically monitors folders or devices on your storage that you specify (we call these catalogs in axle) and recreates them within the axle interface. This means you can navigate your familiar folder structure within axle, and any changes you make on the file system will automatically be reflected. Use axle when you need the advanced features, or use the file system when you just want to grab a file — axle doesn’t get in your way.

Proxy Playback

Streaming full-size media files over your network can lead to waits for loading, buffering, and overall network slowdown if many users need to see the media at once. To make working with media faster and more efficient, axle automatically generates proxy files, low resolution versions of your media that can be streamed by many users over your network with no need for loading. These proxy files can be downloaded and distributed, played even if the original media is unavailable, and can be kept in axle if the original file is archived and removed, making it easier to find archived files when you need them.

Tagging and Metadata

Tagging and organizing media is crucial to quickly finding the right clip when you need it. axle’s metadata system gives you the tools you need to efficiently tag files. axle automatically collects select metadata from your files during the indexing process, so you can immediately search for files based on the creation date, resolution, codec information, and so on. You can also create your own metadata fields with a wide variety of types, including freeform text fields, dates, and lists, then apply data to individual files, selections of files, or entire folders.

Search and Filters

Everything in axle, including file names, comments, metadata, technical information, and more, is completely searchable with axle’s blazing fast search tools. Searches quickly scan your entire media library for results, so there’s no need to worry if you’re connected to the right device. Using our advanced search GUI, easily snap together focused searches that target specific fields and combinations. Save helpful searches as persistent smart filters that allow you to quickly rerun searches with a single click.

Comment and Approve

Communication within your team is essential, and axle has the tools you need to keep everyone on the same page. Every file in axle can be commented on, and these comments can target individual frames or selections of frames, making it easy to see exactly what everyone is talking about. Assets can also be marked as approved, under review, or rejected, making it easy to see at a glance where each file is in the process. Email notifications keep everyone in the loop, and assets can be searched and sorted based on comment text and approval status.

User Controls

All kinds of users may need access to axle, from the producer who wants to review clips and make selections, to editors who want to find media and collaborate with their peers, to interns who file new footage. axle has the user controls to ensure that each type of user has access to the files and abilities they need, and can’t see or manipulate files they shouldn’t. Grant access to specific folders or subfolders, and manage capabilities per folder, keeping every user on track.

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