Metadata Schema For MAM And AI

To create custom metadata fields, add a metadata group for the fields to belong to. Then, select the group and add fields using the Add Field button. In the new field dialogue, enter a name, key, and namespace for the field, and select what kind of field it should be from the dropdown. The key is a name for the field without spaces or special characters, used for importing metadata into other systems. The namespace is how to identify your fields across systems. For example, Adobe stores metadata using the xmp namespace.

Metadata fields added in the Workspace settings will be listed in the file details view for every file, and if you have edit permission on the file, you will be able to update the metadata on each file by clicking the pencil icon next to the field you want to edit. Once you’re done editing, click the checkmark to save the updated field. Metadata fields become searchable after you add a value into them.