Are you looking to make your media accessible remotely over the internet? 

We have configurations that make it possible to have remote access to your axle library from your home office, local café, or anywhere you can access the internet. Several options exist, detailed below. Please contact us for more information about these options.  If you have an in-house IT department, they may also have options available and can review the security implications.

Set up a VPN network to provide external access to your staff

There are many VPN vendors such as Cisco, however we are not able to provide a recommendation: we recommend checking with your IT Department. Implementing a VPN involves additional costs.

Allow access through the firewall for only a predefined list of IP addresses

Any firewall or router can accommodate this, and no additional cost should be involved. If there are a limited/defined number of people who will need remote access, we recommend listing those IP addresses in your firewall to enable connection only to this predefined list.

axle ai Reverse Proxy Service

If you want to allow broad access to your axle server from the internet, we would strongly encourage you to not allow external access to your storage and server, but rather enable access through an intermediate step. We can provide a reverse proxy server to act as a proxy to your axle server for users outside your firewall. We are offering this service for a monthly fee of $50 plus a one time set up fee. Please or call 1 (617) 262-9222 for more information.

How does axle ai reverse proxy work?