collaborative cloud editing – and axle ai 2022

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Learn more about axle ai 2022

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Axle Seagate Bundle

axle ai and Seagate announce broad “Smarter Media” product collaboration

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Pietown Story

Easy as Pie: Pie Town Productions uses axle ai for remote post production and search

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axle ai helps creative teams remotely manage and search their media files. Our software connects with the storage you already own, using your existing folder setup. It doesn’t force you to check in files to special locations, or upload them to the cloud. It’s a browser based system to automatically tag your media so you can find it quickly, from any web browser, smartphone, or tablet on site or remotely. Hundreds of creative teams worldwide are already using axle.

Find Media Fast

Remotely access your media from a browser interface, or your favorite Adobe CC apps. Fast, precise search, for almost any content.

AI Powered

Automatic transcription for video and audio, and built-in OCR for PDFs. Optional face and object recognition make all your content searchable.

Radically Simple

Installs right away, and works with almost any type of storage and folder structure. There’s no need to move your files or upload them to the cloud.

Over 800 customers


American Public Television’s remote workflow with axle ai

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Youngevity uses axle ai and Backblaze B2 archive storage.

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Chesney Story Background

Kenny Chesney uses axle ai and G-Technology storage.

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Independent filmmaker Meg Hanley uses axle ai with QNAP and IBM storage.

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