Powerful workflow automation with a visual interface – integrates with a wide variety of different programs.

connectr 2021

Easily automate and integrate your media workflows, no coding required, with connectr 2021.

connectr 2021 software features a graphical front end, connectr Designer, which makes constructing a workflow a simple drag-and-drop process. Software and hardware vendors, integrators and other technically proficient customers are able to create their own modules to plug into connectr, becoming part of a large and rapidly growing workflow ecosystem. Modules can either be shared for free on open source code repositories, or compiled and sold commercially by vendors.

This cross-vendor ecosystem supports a wide range of interfaces, from REST APIs to Java code and command lines. It also supports notifications via either email or SMS messaging.

Wide variety of actions

connectr 2021 comes packed with useful actions out of the box, such as:

  • Share selected media segments via axle bins
  • Transcoding media to numerous delivery formats
  • Sending email or text messages
  • Moving and copying files on the storage
  • Automatically archive media based on selected criteria
  • Uploading files and media to online storage or social networks
  • New in 2021: axle ai users can trigger connectr workflows directly from the axle interface

connectr 2021 also has access to the Mac command line, which means it can send commands to any program using a command line interface.

Looking for help designing your first workflow? Each installation of connectr 2021 includes professional development of one workflow by the axle ai team.


Pricing starts at $3,895 for a MacOS version supporting up to 4 concurrent workflows, with one day of professional services for workflow design included.

Want to learn more about connectr 2021? Visit the connectr site or contact us to schedule a one-on-one web demo.