Powerful workflow automation with a visual interface – integrates with a wide variety of different programs.

connectr Designer

The heart of the system is the connectr Designer, which provides an intuitive user interface for managing your workflows. connectr Designer breaks each action down (finding the contents of a folder, manipulating a file, sending an email, and countless more) into a single unit, represented by a rectangle.

Units can be connected to each other through cables, which represent the correct order of operations. By creating a unit for each action you would like to perform, then connecting them in the order you want with cables, you create a complete workflow. Units have separate cables for success or failure, making it easy to notify the user of problems or create alternate steps if things don’t work the first time.

Workflows can then be inserted as units into another workflow, allowing you to automate many actions with ease.

Wide variety of actions

axle connectr comes packed with useful actions out of the box, such as:

  • Transcoding media with FFMPEG
  • Sending email or text messages
  • Moving and copying files on the storage
  • Applying metadata in axle ai
  • Uploading files and media to online storage or social networks

axle connectr also has access to the Mac command line, which means it can send commands to any program using a command line interface.