Access your entire media library – from anywhere – right within your Adobe Creative Cloud Apps.

New panels for all your Adobe Creative Cloud applications are joining our fan-favorite Premiere Pro panel – helping you to efficiently
and easily collaborate on media projects while working remotely.

While axle’s tagging and Bin tools will get your editors off to a quick start, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to find more content once you’re working in Adobe Premiere Pro. That’s where the axle panel comes in handy. This plug-in for Premiere Pro enables you to search all of your axle catalogs, preview clips and then download them directly into the Projects panel without having to leave Premiere Pro. Access the panel on your local network in-office, or remotely using our secure remote access tool.

We’re announcing integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. With our Creative Cloud panels, users can access and search their axle ai media library directly from within Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and import media directly into Adobe projects. The panels are included with each axle ai installation. is our free transcription panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. Ascribe helps you quickly and affordably transcribe all your video and audio footage within the premiere interface. With ascribe, you can transcribe in multiple languages, and export in multiple formats. Transcripts can be edited, and stay with your video for future use. Visit to download the panel for Mac or PC and create a free account.


“axle’s new Premiere panel has really useful new capabilities like integrated transcripts on the timeline and the ability to download high-res and proxy media straight into Premiere. We’re excited to be able to integrate this into our remote editorial workflows.”