How to Process Assets Using Axle Speech for AI Transcription

Just start processing assets with Axle speech. You should make sure your administrator has enabled that permission for you. If you do have it, you should be able to process any asset by clicking on the dot, dot, dot menu, what we call the action menus, analyze videos, making sure that the air engine is selected to be actual speech. You then have to select the language that you want to have processed and then click submit.

Once you do that and the processing is finalized, you’re going to find the actual speech tab under the player window. You’re going to find the transcription on the right sidebar and you can collapse it or expand by clicking on the information icon in the top right corner Access speech is going to generate a time-based transcription for you.

If you click on any of the boxes, it’s going to take you directly to that part in the timeline you can also make corrections to the transcription simply by standing in the box and typing something that you can filter for specific words from the filter under the car window. So by typing the word partner here, it’s going to show me the exact part in the timeline in which the word partner is set up so I can click there and it’s going to automatically mark the in and out points for me so that I can then, for example, create a sample clip with that specific part of the clip as it’s in a batch by simply moving over to a corresponding subfolder, selecting it, and then repeating that same process, analyzing videos, accessing speech, and that is going to process any assets within that subfolder. You can also export the transcription as a text as or t your i t t file. I simply select the access page and then look for the dropdown export.