axle ai Software A Key Ingredient Of Kenny Chesney’s Tour

Axle AI, the leader in affordable media management, today announced its radically simple media management software is now a key component of country music superstar Kenny Chesney’s live tour technology.

Axle ai software has been adopted by Chesney’s video director Jay Cooper, a multiple-award-winning touring video pro who has documented Chesney’s tours for the past decade. Cooper chose Axle for quick and effective performance review and to locate specific tour moments from thousands of hours of recordings of Chesney’s sold-out concerts.

“Our axle ai media management software accomplishes tasks like finding a special artist appearance at one of Kenny’s concerts – that previously could have taken Cooper several hours,” said Sam Bogoch, axle ai’s CEO. “With our powerful software, any highlight and any shot from any concert is almost instantly viewable.”

According to Cooper, who has documented every Chesney concert over the last decade, AxleVideo’s media management software allowed Cooper to assist Chesney in reviewing past concerts quickly to fine tune and enhance his performances. Previously, Cooper’s content organization strategy was best described as “shoeboxes & sharpies.” He stored DVDs in shoeboxes and labeled them with a sharpie by year. Now the content is catalogued digitally and meta-tagged for easy review.

“At the beginning of rehearsals for the tour, I showed Kenny how it all worked,” said Cooper. “He asked, ‘Can you find when this happened?’ I typed in his friend that came to sing at his show, the show’s location, and said, ‘Let’s look at it from camera 3.’ Boom, there it was. Camera 3, this moment in this show. Kenny said, ‘That’s super fast. That’s amazing.’”

According to Cooper, Chesney likes to use sports analogies, and says he reviews past concerts as if it’s game tape. “Kenny asks to see certain moments in concerts and sometime comments that he’s done that too often – it’s time to change it up – and other times says, ‘that really worked there! We need to do that again!’ “

Chesney’s video touring crew created a unique solution to managing a decade’s worth of video. They combined a powerful tandem of Axle’s media management software and RAID hardware from Western Digital’s SanDisk Pro division. Not only does Axle’s software automatically detect and index media—metadata included—it also encodes that media to a lower resolution for Axle’s interfaces in browsers, Adobe® Premiere Pro® panel and mobile devices. The seamless automation helps Cooper breeze through his existing workloads while on tour, but he also relies on Axle for his ambitious plan to archive Chesney’s concert history and tag the footage for future searches.

Aside from helping Chesney review and plan performances, axle ai is used to quickly pull clips for media and promotional use. The bottom line, says Cooper, is that the axle ai software provides Chesney and his team with a time-saving tool for repurposing his videos in the future for a number of uses.

axle ai Remote Leap bundle: software & hardware for remote media work

Complete solution includes axle ai 2020 software, Apple iMac i9 hardware, AI-driven transcription and Adobe and FCPX integration, supports unlimited storage

BOSTON, MA, USA, August 6, 2020 — axle ai is announcing immediate availability of its Remote Leap bundle, a complete solution for remote media access priced at $295/month on a 4-year lease (or $11,995 for purchase). As its name implies, the bundle lets media teams make the leap to remote workflows from traditional “sneakernet” solutions where hard drives are passed around in person between team members. The solution, comprised of axle ai’s industry-leading video search software and state-of-the art Apple computing hardware that acts as a server, represents a value breakthrough while integrated solutions with media management software typically cost over $50,000. Remote access and search are increasingly needed today as COVID-19 restrictions require work from home and make travel and in-person collaboration difficult. Media teams and postproduction facilities can hook up this complete solution to their network and cloud storage, and be up and running with full remote access in a matter of hours. Unlike cloud-only service providers whose costs rise dramatically as more media are stored, axle ai’s Remote Leap pricing is the same regardless of whether the site manages tens or hundreds of terabytes of media files.

The Remote Leap solution includes a 5-user version of axle ai 2020, the company’s ‘radically simple’ remote access and search software. axle ai 2020 features a browser front end that lets users remotely access and tag, catalog and search their media files, and the bundle adds 500 hours per year of integrated AI-driven transcription, for a total of 2,000 hours over the 4 year lease period, as well as axle’s Reverse Proxy remote access option for a secure way for media teams to work from home and on-set while accessing large amounts of shared media. Axle ai’s plug-in panels for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite – Premiere Pro CC, AfterEffects CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC – are included, as well as an export capability for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X software.

Given the large amounts of video, often several terabytes, that can be accumulated by a video team in a single shoot, axle ai Remote Leap saves enormous time and effort by enabling remote search, management and transcription of those media files. Finally, the software functionality is bundled with Apple’s newest iMac 27” 5k i9 hardware, a high-performance all-in-one desktop computer configured with 10 cores and 20 threads of Intel i9 processing capability, a Radeon 5000 series GPU, 16 Gigabytes of RAM, a 10 Gigabit network interface and 512GB of system SSD, as well as 8TB of external storage to house streaming H.264 proxy media.

The Remote Leap bundle can be connected to nearly any existing storage, whether on-premise (NAS or SAN), cloud based, or both. Modules are also available to integrate with most archival systems such as LTO tape libraries. Media teams and postproduction facilities can hook up this complete solution to their existing storage, and be up and running with full remote access workflows in a matter of hours.

One axle ai customer, Gerry Field of American Public Television, was able to convert his company’s demanding video workflows to remote access almost overnight using the software and integrated Apple hardware. “axle made it possible to get a system appropriately scaled for what we need, and for the resources that we have. The two equal parts are cost and complexity. There are a lot of asset management products in the market that, particularly for my needs, are tremendously overbuilt. We needed something that could be installed easily and give us access, quickly, to the content that we need to see. From there the biggest challenge was getting some of the people used to going to a screening room to screening in their browser, and building their confidence.”

The fact that axle is not technically demanding was very important: “APT has good talented and technically aware staff but we’re not the kind of company that has a deep engineering department, or a stable of editors” Gerry added. “I could possibly do deeper, more interesting things with a more expensive system, but my experience with things like that is they sound good, but wind up being a boat anchor.”

Pricing and Availability

axle ai’s Remote Leap bundle is available immediately from axle ai and its global resellers, at a price of $11,995. An integrated leasing solution allows US customers to purchase the system for $295 per month over a 4-year period with a $1 buyout at the end of the lease. Additional years of optional software updates plus support and reverse proxy services, with 500 hours of transcription included are priced at $1,995 per year after the end of the lease. The system includes axle ai 2020 software for 5 users, Apple iMac 27” 5k i9 hardware with 10 Intel CPU cores/20 threads, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD, aRadeon Pro 5000 series GPU, 8 Terabytes of storage media, and a 10 Gigabit/second network interface. Axle ai’s plug-in panels for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite – Premiere Pro CC, AfterEffects CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC – are included, as well as an export capability for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X software. Additional software modules – including further hours of AI-driven speech transcription, and face recognition and object recognition, as well as support for Avid’s native Media Composer workflows and third-party LTO tape libraries – are available at extra cost.


About axle ai

axle ai, Inc. is the recognized leader in developing radically simple software for remote media access and search. It solutions have helped over 600 media organizations improve the way they create, share and store digital video content with media management solutions that are easy to install, use and afford. axle’s radically simple remote access, media management and transcription uniquely addresses a burgeoning need and has caught on rapidly among video professionals in post-production, education, broadcast, corporate, sports, house of worship, non-profit, advertising-marketing, and government organizations worldwide. The company’s investors include Jason Calacanis and Quake Ventures.