axle ai 2018

ai powered media management

Video search is now a no brainer.

axle ai 2018 is the latest edition of axle’s award-winning media management software, now optimized for media libraries with up to 2 million+ assets. Simply point axle at the media files you want to manage and it automatically creates low-bandwidth proxies you can then access from any web browser. Using our simple browser interface, it’s easy to search, comment, mark, approve, and annotate your assets from any location. There’s no need to move your media files or change your system setup. Your storage can be a SAN, a NAS or just a local RAID, and can be running in a Mac, Windows or Linux environment – all axle needs is to be able to read the file system. For optimal system performance, we recommend running axle on a Mac Pro; all systems must be quad-core or larger. Our new plug-in panel for Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, included with every axle ai system, enables editors to search, see previews and begin working on footage without leaving their favorite NLE software.

axle ai uses the power of deep learning software to provide automatic analysis, indexing and searching of video. As media libraries grow – and the pace of new projects and number of assets goes up – making sure that assets are inspected and tagged properly can become overwhelming to any creative team. axle ai eases the burden by enabling search based on images and automatic content tagging, provided by cutting-edge ai that is constantly improving.

The software with a two-user starts at $1,995 and 5-user starts at $3,995. Both include remote setup assistance and a year of software updates and support.

axle ai Gear

Turnkey appliance with new mac mini hardware.

New Mac Mini

Our hardware/software bundle has everything you need to master your media collection.

The axle ai Gear appliance is powerful, easy to deploy, and built for radically simple media management. The system integrates axle ai’s award winning axle software with new mac mini hardware from Apple for an affordable turnkey solution that will empower your media workflow.

The systems incorporate one or two of Apple’s new Mac mini six core Intel i7 CPUs running in a tightly-coupled configuration to provide axle ai’s radically simple media management UI, as well as the new connectr graphical automation tool for high-throughput processing of a wide range of media files.

axle ai Hub

axle on our custom hardware, ready for AI

axle ai Hub

axle software, ready to use on custom hardware with AI features

axle ai Hub can be plugged in, powered up and configured by a nontechnical user in under an hour. It immediately begins cataloging media on one or more attached storage devices (both networked and local), and makes low-res proxy media, populates an integrated database and displays a clean browser interface that can be viewed on Macs, PCs and mobile browsers. Media can be analyzed for face and object recognition, as well as additional metadata such as speech transcripts, using the point-and-click AI analysis tools on the axle ai Hub.

The compact (11” by 12” by 4”) appliance includes the following:

  • axle ai media management software for 2 users
  • axle ai panel for Premiere Pro CC for 2 users
  • integrated remote media upload tool for 2 users
  • Integrated face and object recognition licenses for 1 month
  • Microsoft Video Indexer AI connector for 1 month
  • Intel 6-core high-speed CPU (10- and 18-core versions also available)
  • 16 Gigabytes of RAM
  • 128 Gigabyte boot disk
  • 4 Terabytes of storage for proxy media
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports for network connections
  • Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3 ports for direct-attach storage
  • Remote installation support by axle ai
  • One year hardware warranty and software updates

The axle ai Hub is priced at $3,995, and is available immediately from axle ai and its resellers worldwide. Hardware and software options are available for the system, including faster processors, additional user licenses and a variety of software modules.

axle Transfer


for editors

Software to transfer sequences between editors

Transfer AE: Transfer Avid and FCP7 projects to Adobe After Effects

Transfer AE is an Adobe After Effects plug-in that seamlessly transfers Avid Media Composer and Apple FCP7 program sequences to Adobe After Effects. New to Version 3, the Avid to After Effects workflow allows direct import and translation of Avid AAF format files.

Transfer FCP: Final Cut Pro-Avid project transfer

axle Transfer FCP is a two plug-in set for Final Cut Pro 7 to transfer sequences between FCP and all Avid editing and finishing systems; one for AAF file format-compatible FCP7-to-Avid transfer, the other for Avid-to-FCP7 AAF file import.