Quake Capital

Glenn Argenbright

Founding Partner – Glenn has over 20 years’ experience operating and running a variety of private, pre-IPO, and public technology companies. He has founded over a dozen startup ventures, resulting in three public offerings, 9 exits, and billions in shareholder returns. His background includes expertise and projects in software, firmware, middleware, hardware, enterprise, SAAS, consumer goods, and Web and mobile applications.

Amy Coveny

Managing Partner, NY – Amy has extensive experience building revenue, products, and market strategies for startup companies. Since the beginning of her career at the then newly-launched Fox News Channel, she has contributed to six acquisitions, three IPOs, and two early-stage fundraising cycles.

Feldman Advisors

David Feldman
David Feldman

Founder – David has nearly two decades of broad technical, operating, business development and consulting experience. Prior to founding Feldman Advisors, David had a successful tenure as a turnaround executive at a venture-backed health care software company, Patientkeeper, as well as a cofounder role at Specular and an engineering management role at Apple.

Expert Dojo

Brian Mac Mahon
Brian Mac Mahon

Founder – Brian Mac Mahon is the founder of Expert Dojo, the largest startup high-performance center for entrepreneurs in Southern California. Expert Dojo’s accelerator program has already enabled dozens of successful product launches, fundraises and acquisitions.

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From Quake Capital:

Axle AI: Radically Simple Video Search

Imagine this: your team has been working on a video, and a considerable amount of valuable footage has been captured. Now, as you go back to edit this footage after several weeks, you need to locate and incorporate a particular shot, but your only option, as a member of a small production team, is to comb through potentially hours of footage manually until you come across that particular shot. This highly time-intensive process is a reality for content creators everywhere, but axle ai has finally developed a much-needed solution.

Meet axle ai, one of Quake Capital’s Cohort 4 companies, and Sam Bogoch, the Founder and CEO.

Read more at Quake Capital