The current version of axle ai is

Build 190917

You can check your version at bottom of the advanced section of the admin pages. If you would like to update your version of axle, please send an email to

2019 Change Log

  • – Fixed daemon where temporary licenses wouldn’t be accepted
  • – Fixed Microsoft AI processing where we will use correct account when switched to paid account on Azure
  • – Added timeout for grabbing metadata on videos and stills (exiv2 process)
  • – Added more metadata import on stills
  • – Fixed catalog creation where sometimes we would get an error message even if the catalog was created
  • – Fixed catalog stamp creation
  • – Fixed XML creations for Premiere Pro and FCPX
  • – Fixed archiving with special characters in filename or path
  • – Fixed file copy and move from axle interface to keep proxies and metadatas
  • – Rotation of database backups to not overload boot disk
  • – Changed XMLs creation backup to not overload boot disk
  • – Fixed list view to align properly headers
  • – Fixed axds and sweep to make sure there is no gaps in grabbing new files in case the sweep doesn’t finish its job
  • – Added general improvements in loading scrubbing of the thumbnails
  • – Added saving of view and columns order to users
  • – Added new daemon with general performance improvements
  • – Added new status panel to not hang interface and database
  • – Added support for importing existing image proxies
  • – Added support for using existing proxies at the top of the queue
  • – Added support for Reely AI (API still needs to be created)
  • – Added latest version of FFMPEG to support H.265 and newer codecs
  • – Added ai metadatas on the right side panel
  • – Added auto-scrolling of transcripts when editing

Added on May 20th 2019

  • – Reverted to old sweep for now

Added on May 22nd 2019

  • – Fixed status panel that would show 100% proxy done but keep status as started instead of completed.
  • – Fixed new sweep and re-applying new sweep. Can revert to old sweep in the config table (sweep-disable-axds = 1 to disable axds)
  • – Fixed proxying code where in some cases FFMPEG would fail and stop all proxying process
  • – Added config entry in the database where we can disable ffmpeg from rendering proxies (PROXY-FFMPEG = 1 or 0 to disable)
  • – Added script to migrate extended attributes fn for migrations

Added on May 27th 2019

  • – Fixed archiving of folders
  • – Fixed daemon when files are moved of copied from axle
  • – Changed status panel to put into history jobs that are 2 day old or more
  • – Added a fix to sweep for special characters
  • – Added option to purge unfinished jobs from status panel

Added on May 28th 2019

  • – Fixed sweep in case there is a space in the path
  • – Fixed proxying of audio files where it wouldn’t registered as completed in the status panel

Added on May 30th 2019

– Reprocessed last modified folders in sweep for 2 minutes in case there are delays in copying files across network

Added on June 7th 2019

  • – Fixed axds where it wouldn’t process correctly NFS storage
  • – Fixed archive view where it would show same content no matter what page we select
  • – Fixed metadata view right side panel where it would not be aligned properly
  • – Fixed metadata view where it wouldn’t use the full size when resizing the panel
  • – Fixed other languages where not all options would work properly
  • – Fixed status panel where it would show text edit cursor instead of hand
  • – Trimmed filename in status panel
  • – Added links to status panel to jump straight to the asset
  • – Added support for axle Transcript (license flag O)
  • – Automatically pause video when editing transcripts with auto scroll

Added on June 11th 2019

  • – Include a fix where status web socket would fail after 2 days
  • – New scripts to handle some edge cases on filenames
  • – Added possibility to clear existing proxies from intake folder
  • – Fixed axleSpeech transcript tables
  • – Fixed download from bins
  • – Fix dark mode interface where filename would show in black font in status panel

Added on June 14th 2019

  • – Fixed maintenance code that would restart the database
  • – Fixed display of date metadata info
  • – Fixed user admin pages where now ai process would be shown for non microsoft licenses
  • – Added axle Speech date for when video or audio file has been processed
  • – Removed license restriction to read ai metadata (from all vendors)
  • – Added feature to read tags from Premiere projects and show them as metadata if enabled

Added on June 19th 2019

  • – Changed websocket for status panel in an attempt to add support for SSL
  • – Fixed metadata dropdown menu in dark theme UI
  • – Fixed last modified date in Safari
  • – Changed wording in status panel

Added on July 1st 2019

  • – Fixed proxying to now render largest items first before going to smallest items
  • – Fixed some issues when seeing transcripts that would hang the interface at times
  • – Fixed issue on some folders where we wouldn’t see the content on folders within pages
  • – Fixed proxying with FFMPEG for downmixing multiple audio tracks into stereo
  • – Showing video timecode on the right when editing transcripts
  • – Set standard sweep by default without axds
  • – Added fixed code for new Prime transcoder
  • – Added to proxying batch icon on files with certain extensions (xml, pek, txt, etc)

Added on July 8th 2019

  • – Fixed axle transcript where it doesn’t need Microsoft license flag anymore
  • – Fixed proxying for single audio tracks videos
  • – Optimized web socket loading where it would slow down pages at times

Added on July 10th 2019

  • – Fixed issue where sometimes a cataloged files wouldn’t be set as a file
  • – Fixed issue with Microsoft VideoIndexer where duplicate entries would be shown
  • – Fixed issue where status panel wouldn’t show report of transcodes done with Episode
  • – Tweaked Telestream encoders name display
  • – Added log to minisweep

Added on July 11th 2019

  • – Fixed PLIST issues and maintenance code

Added on July 18th 2019

  • – Fixed issue where transcripts wouldn’t export for certain timecodes
  • – Fixed issue where new face name wouldn’t be updated in metadatas table, therefore preventing from being searched

Added on August 4th 2019 – axle 2019.2

  • – Fixed display of timecode in auto-scrolling transcript
  • – Fixed right side display for ai tags (timeline data)
  • – Removed alias check on sweep and minisweep to speed up the process
  • – New axid
  • – Tweaks made for PostgreSQL config
  • – Added red text to show offline catalogs
  • – Added scrubbing of thumbnails in list view
  • – Added feature where a user’s selection of metadata in list view is saved
  • – Added option to search for empty dates from advanced search
  • – Added export of metadata to Premiere Pro when using XML from bins (PR_description, PR_scene, PR_shottake, PR_lognote, PR_good)
  • – Added export of transcripts from axle Speech to Premiere from bins (shown as blue markers vs green for comments)

Added on August 5th 2019

  • – Fixed display of checkbox in list view
  • – Additional tweak in PostgreSQL config – set synchronous_commit to off
  • – Tweak in ElasticSearch to properly increase shared heap size
  • – New propagation of metadata from folders tool
  • – Added Mimo’s latest script for proxying

Added on August 9th 2019

  • – Fixed issues with dark theme where some buttons wouldn’t work
  • – Better styling of list view in dark theme
  • – Added statistics for sweep

Added on August 19th 2019

  • – Fixed download where hi-res download button wouldn’t be available
  • – Fixed API call to get file info for connectr module
  • – Fixed timecode display issue on Transcripts page
  • – Added filename to transcript exports for axle Speech
  • – Added parallel sweep where axds is used in addition to normal sweep
  • – Added splits in metadatas entries for OCR values from Microsoft ai

Added on August 28th 2019

  • – Fixed issue where catalog names would disappear on search results
  • – Added tweak in maintenance code to restart the websocket every 30 minutes to not overload it
  • – Changed the color for offline catalogs to orange rather than red
  • – Added latest scripts to Mimo with improvements

Added on September 5th 2019

  • – Fixed issue where capabilities would be set to false in global permissions
  • – Fixed timecode display on the right for transcript where sometimes it would show second 60
  • – Fixed XML export to Premiere for some file formats